From this "Hallingstue" at Rensel Farm in Gol, three brothers and two sisters immigrated to America in 1876 - 1879. The photo is from 1920 and shows Anne and brother Torleiv Rensel as children.

Hallingstue and the barn at Rensel - and view to Gol and mountains around. Photo: 1920.

Record of marriage of Anne Thollef`s daughter Golberg and Ole Hermundsen Rensel in Gol church 1882 - 18 and 25 years old.

Ole Hermundsen Rensel built this cabinet in 1842, and still it is to be found in the Hallingstue at Rensel Farm. The rosepainting was repainted in 1968 by Alfred Ødegaard.

Ole Hermundson Rensel and Anne Tolleivsdtr. Golberg (photo) were parents of 10 children

Mother Anne is wearing the old Hallingdal national costume - hallingbunad from Gol.

Ole was born 1801 and died 1883. Anne was born 1813 and died 1905, 92 years old. They married in Gol 1831 and were the 2. owners of  Rensel Farm in Gol in Hallingdal.

The children:

 1. Hermund b. 1833 d. 1858, 24 years old.

 2. Ragne b. 1836 d. 1916. Married 1856 Nils Guttormsen Brenna. Farmers in Gol.

 3. Tolleiv b. 1841 d. 1841

 4. Tolleiv b. 1842 d. 1925. Married Ingebjørg Olsdtr. Grønlien. Farmers at Rensel, Gol.

 5. Ole     b. 1846 d. 1909 (USA) Married Kari Andresdtr. Bakkene 1882. Farmers ND

 6. Knut   b. 1849 d. 1926 (USA) Married Kari Nilsdtr. Olsgard 1876. Farmers ND

 7. Guri    b. 1852 d. 1877 (USA) Married Thor Bjørnson Haugstad in Gol 1877. Farmers ND

 8. Ola     b. 1854 d. 1854

 9. Kari    b. 1856  d. 1933 (USA) Married Knut Embrikson Sondrol 1880. Farmers ND

10. Hermund  b. 1858 d. 1890 (USA, but return to Gol, Norway) Unmarried.

Ole Renslen and Kari Bakkene with Family

Ole Renslen & wife Kari Bakkene with their children Andrine, Gurine, Olaus and Clara. Their fifth child Hellene died two weeks old in 1895. Kari and Ole were farmers at Belmont North-Dakota.  Kari died in 1907 and Ole in 1909.

  • Kari Bakkene born 1864 in Norway. She emigrated to America 17 years old.

  • Kari and Ole Renslen with Family.

  • Knut Rensland and wife Kari Olsgard were parents of seven children.

    Names of the children: Olaf, Annie, Nels, Sophia, Henry, Olaus and Gilbert.

  • The three eldest of the children: Olaf, Annie and Nels Rensland

    These photos of Rensland Family are from the booklet "Descendants of Ole and Annie Renslen - Rensland - Rensel, by Eunice Sondrol, 1976.

This is an old picture of Knut Rensland Farm in Climax, North Dakota.

Torleiv Rensel to the right visiting Climax in 1960. In the middle the eldest and the youngest sons of Kari and Knute Rensland; Olaf and Gilbert. To the left Francis son of Gilbert Rensland.

  • Thor Haugstad and wife Guri Renslen

    They were parents of four children. Unfortunately Guri died only 34 years old. In 1886 Thor married Anne Sondrol and got three more children; Engebret, Mina and Albert.

  • The children of Guri and Thor Haugstad

    Bergina, (Gina) Bernt, Anna and Olaus.
    These photos of Haugstad Family are from the booklet "Descendants of Ole and Annie Renslen - Rensland - Rensel, by Eunice Sondrol, 1976.

Kari Renslen and Knute Sondrol with Family

Kari Renslen and Knute Sondrol with Family

Kari and Knute were parents of ten children: Louise, Engebreth, Mary, Engebreth, Anna, Minnie, Oline, Helen, Ovida and Ole. The were farmers and lived in Belmont township, North Dakota.

This photo of Sondrol Family is from the booklet "Descendants of Ole and Annie Renslen - Rensland - Rensel, by Eunice Sondrol, 1976.

Hermund Rensel

Hermund came to USA together with his sister Kari, but after few years farming in Buxton, North Dakota he returned to Norway because of illness. He died in Gol 6th of October 1890, 32 years old.

  • Ragne Olsdtr. Renslen and Nils Guttormsen Brenna.

    Ragne and Nils were farmers in Gol and were parents of eight children. Three of them emigrated to USA; Sigrid, Guttorm and Ole.

  • In the middle, Ole, son of Sigrid and August Bredeson, and his wife Barbro Ransedokken. To the right their son Iver Brennen.

    Ole and Barbro were farmers in Longville, Minnesota.

Sigrid Brennen and August Bredeson with Family

Sigrid and August were married in Gol and were parents of six children: Brede, Nels, Mary, Anna, Jacob and John. Farmers in Buxton, North Dakota.

This photo of Bredeson Family is from the booklet "Descendants of Ole and Annie Renslen - Rensland - Rensel, by Eunice Sondrol, 1976.

  • Ingebjørg and Tolleiv Rensel with Family, Gol

    Tolleiv Olson Rensel and Ingebjørg Olsdtr. Grønlien in Gol together with their two sons, Ola and Ola, born 1874 and 1879. Their first child, also Ola, was born and died in 1873. Tolleiv and Ingebjørg were the 3. owners of Rensel Farm.

  • Margit and Ola Rensel with Family, Gol

    Ola Tolleivson Rensel and Margit Halvorsdtr. Brennhovd together with their three children, Ingebjørg, Anne and Torleiv. Ola and Margit were the 4. owners of Rensel Farm.

  • Birgit and Torleiv Rensel with Family

    Birgit and Torleiv were the 5. owners of Rensel Farm, and got eight children:
    Margit, Ola, Arne-Ivar, Hermund, Torbjørn, Kåre and Kari-Margrete. Kari the third child died 7 months old.

  • Anne Marie (Maja) and Kåre Rensel with Family

    Maja and Kåre are the owners of Rensel Farm today.
    Their four children are: Hilde, Kjetil, Ingunn and Arnstein.

Rensel Farm 2016.